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Y'know. You gotta love the punk lizard who can catch bugs. Also fits your art style!

An outstanding starry feeling for such an emotional scene from the Netflix show. Such an outstanding way!

There's alot of details in here! The hives! The monster! The bees! Everything is perfectly well-done with a good choice for the palette! Keep it up!

To be fair, Scout is about 23 years old as confirmed by one of the cosmetic descriptions in TF2. (Track Terrorizer)

Nicely done on the anatomy by the way.

Dr-Crates responds:


The abandonment is pretty much true to some buildings and other structures. Especially if it is a finished one. Buildings can become overgrown if it doesn't get demolished, which is why there are plants everywhere.

I honestly love the glow of the sign. It gives a final detail to give it a pretty much cyberpunk theme!

J-Caro responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Really glad you like it!

Sorry for the hatred on my last comment. Hey. At least this art style is very good for the apocalypse. Especially the wasteland theme.

You know, to be honest, the comment i made back in 2012 is rather silly for criticism. So to make it up.... Everything you have done is incredible! The color choosing, the anatomy and the background is what makes this a perfect sense of fiery art!

Keep going! I always love a well-detailed artworks with some color choosing!

After reading the comment you replied... That's okay. The illustration actually takes a good notch with how it can scare children like that for years in a fantasy. What makes this style so unique is the shading! Love the way you done, lad!

I'm SO sorry for a comment i made years ago. It's a bit of an honest mistake i have done.

Anyway, while the art style is fine and all, i just felt the patterning makes me feel a bit concerned over it. Sure, snakes are a nice pattern, but the way the background is made... It's rather confusing in my opinion.

Hey, sorry for the nonsensical comment. I was younger when that happened on Newgrounds.

Anyway, i think it's pretty well-done with some nice shading and some good sense of texturing for the game. Keep up a good work on that!

Mostly chill, but i can also be nonsensical. Mostly drawing and gaming, but it could take a while for me to do so.

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