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A rather confusing one for those who don't know how it works in the game, but lemme say it to you, audience.

Basically, you need to get through all of the red platforms around the cylinder wall to reach the yellow platform, which is at the end of the level, which you'll need to avoid still and moving blue hazards that could launch you back to the top where you need to start all over again. Sometimes the red platforms will break, but the blue hazards will remain if it does break. Not sure if it is a bug, but i thought it is interesting to see it. Each level you complete, the level gets longer.

I have to say it because there's no menu or the tutorial on how it works. Without the menu it may force you to play the game without any possible details. The controls are slippery and sometimes the ball will bounce less or not bounce at all when landing on edges of the platform, which is rather strange. The colors are also too saturated and it has frame hiccups every few miliseconds. If you keep the ball bouncing too long it'll bounce higher until the first platform breaks. Which is rather strange in my opinion.

I may suggest add in more details on what the game does and add in the menu for those who want to get to know about the game before playing.

I do have to honestly agree with some of the comments and criticism they said. The game does take up the amount of frames when it comes to drag the windows. It is a very interesting concept if you are wailing to see some vaporwave content. However what gives it away is the fact the audio goes from one side to the other depending where the soccer ball goes and it makes it a bit frustrating for those who wants to listen to music. To make it up though, you can speed up and lower the audio if you want to.

I'm sorry if my criticism sounded a bit too harsh...

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This is a very nice song to listen for almost 5 minutes of meditation and sleeping! I honestly love how it plays out in a similar tone of the lullaby for the good sense of sleep!

By the way. Thank you for using the artwork of mine. I appreciate it!


thats why my older brother loved that.

rtnario responds:

Well, I thank your older brother and you :D

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Honestly, the wholesomeness of giving Pikachu a more chibi feels to it just makes this artwork alot more cute! Especially with the details you gave him! Keep it up!

The good, the bad, and the robotic. These three are gonna have a strong stance of fighting.

But seriously though, the entire drawing gives these Spring Men a comical effect! Keep it up!

Seriously! The Crawley drawing is pretty cool-looking. I also love all of these fellas you have drawn in a similar fashion. Ever considered drawing a Leaf Sheep Sea Slug?

Mostly chill, but i can also be nonsensical. Mostly drawing and gaming, but it could take a while for me to do so.

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