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Posted by Spaniel78CP - October 19th, 2019

You know what i hate? Getting headaches and brain freeze as the result of listening to noisy music and eating frozen treats respectively. That's what i got both of these. Brain freeze in the morning from eating an orange flavored snow cone and headache in the night while playing Geometry Dash, which i'm back on it's roots. Same GD username and data, but different icons and approach.

Now i could run my mouth all day for what i'm doing after Apple Fest, but i have to be very careful on what i am saying due to my promises not to anger one of my buddies like last time.

Anyway, i thought of making my own Discord server, but it requires alot of experiences and because i don't understand some topics well nor take distasteful jokes kindly, i have to keep myself away from such meme-ish, unnecessary and outright controversial topics that would otherwise make people very angry. Hell, i've been through alot due to curiosity.

Anyway, for this post's question, if you or your persona have something to cosplay for Halloween, what would it be? For me, since i'm no longer a child, i can't go trick-or-treating nor wear costumes i like. However, i would have 18-Argon (My persona of course) wear a Terminator costume. As shown on my avatar done by LastyGhost.

Feel free to see her works. She specializes in music and art and she is also a fan of Ndemic Inc. (To avoid confusion on Rebel Inc. and Plague Inc. she has to combine it.) and Just Shapes and Beats. She is also getting back into the systems of Geometry Dash with a fresh start.


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At the same time?! Don't think I've ever experienced that, though migraines, ugh... brain freeze goes away pretty fast though no?

Anyway for cosplay: pirate. :) Authentic weapon replicas and all. It's been a tradition so long now, though been a few years since the last real Halloween party too... but you're never too old! if I had some buddies to drag along for this I wouldn't mind trick or treating again. Just see how people react when you knock down doors as an adult. XD A fluffy Terminator hah, that'd be pretty interesting!

Yeah. Brain freeze can actually fade away depending on how long it is. That's what happens when you ate some frozen dessert on a cold weather.

Yeah, specifically T-800. I watched the first Terminator and i planned on watching Judgement Day next when it reruns on a channel. Can't use Netflix because of money issues.

Yupp. I've had really short ones, maybe a minute or so.

Could get a free trial with Netflix maybe, if they still have those? Thirty days before termination. :P Second one was definitely my favorite one ever. Really looking forward to the newest though, seems they're going back to origins here too...