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Why this website and not Twitter? Here's the answer for NSFW peeps.

Posted by Spaniel78CP - December 6th, 2018

I seen alot of people moving from Tumblr to Twitter to see pornography because of the App Store incident and Twitter doesn’t care if there’s porn… It’s not recommended.

Despite it’s popularity, Twitter has a right to remove porn if it gets reported several times, in which pornography is against the guidelines for Twitter, resulting in a temp ban to perma ban.

Twitter has a limit for posting a text, which means you need to post it several times in order for the website to be fully ranted. There are no searches for images and it will be strucked with dozens of other things when searched for one particular word. So you are forced to actually search up for certain things.

Not only that, but Twitter has hashtags instead of tags that can be used to search things up, which rubs my head wrong… I only use Twitter if it means necessary and it aims to younger audiences whatever i posted a SFW artwork.

All in all, the biggest reason why i moved to Newgrounds is because they don’t allow child pornography, but will only limit you to up to 4 tags that can be used to guide others into certain things. There’s also ratings for art criticism and for you to choose the tags, which is perfect for those who need to improve themselves. You can also play games, watch videos, listen to music and even upload these stuff on your own, even if it is a gif! Any type of program such as Paint Tool SAI, Source Filmmaker and even Toon Boom Harmony is allowed at all costs! Efficiency also takes it pretty well and all that stuff.

Although Newgrounds is more aimed to vanilla people due to it’s popularity, it’s always nice to see a couple of kinks here and there. So as long as they keep it to themselves, you can report these bad guys for certain things they have done. Including unnecessary critique which works alot!

Now i’m not trying to discourage you from using Twitter, i’m just saying i moved to Newgrounds because they have stuff where Twitter doesn’t have it. Now i’m gonna warn you that there are alot of fetishes going on if looked up correctly, but you get the idea of Newgrounds.

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Good points stated. Welcome to Newgrounds! :-D

Also, as of the other day, the tag limit has been upped from 4 to 12. :-)

Thanks, Nez! Whoa! Really?!


Yep, TomFulp's forum topic has been updated to reflect some recent changes; check the UPDATEs at the top of the first post: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1436757/1.

Other new alterations include the daily art upload limit being raised from 10 to 50! :-3