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Spaniel78CP's News

Posted by Spaniel78CP - January 18th, 2021

Just recently i finally gotten Nintendo's ARMS for the Nintendo Switch and a few days later today, Flaming Bird Workshop just got his own Newgrounds account! Let's just say he's actually the creator of CRiTORA!

We'll make sure to upload some content relating to CRiTORA like i did right now.

Be safe, everyone!


Posted by Spaniel78CP - November 19th, 2020

LastyGhost and i recently decided to upheld ourselves to expand the art we like to upload with Pixiv. A Japanese art website that we can upload. The English (And Spanish) translations are still buggy, so the staff of Pixiv are working hard to get the community a safe place.

Lasty's Pixiv account (Happy 4-year Anniversary CRiTORA!)

My Pixiv account (Usually the ones you never seen before!)



Posted by Spaniel78CP - April 23rd, 2020

You heard me right. I'm migrating to here.

DeviantArt has decided to announce that the old look would be retired to be replaced with Eclipse, which caused alot of backlash from those who wanted to keep the fanbase. I get it. I get it...

The website is a disaster in my opinion. Not wailing to listen to their regulars and other stuff. So i planned to migrate here once Eclipse takes over on May 20th and also remain on Toyhou.se and maybe even have FurAffinity become the secondary account, which is understandable since the website is dedicated to furries.

But you know. When your memories is filled with things that you have accomplished, you'll understand there will be important things you'll missed. But to me. DeviantArt was a thing for me since 2011 and been there for 8 years. But unfortunately when there's a line to draw, they step it over and cause a massive backlash. It's like a deja-vu moment where Tumblr banned all NSFW content that people love to nab on.

I don't use Twitter often because it would cause some problems in my mind regarding image looking. Plus it gets easily lost by retweets and the search section when you have to find a particular image to look at causes alot more images to meddle into it. Although i don't mind Twitter's new design. It's the concept that drove me off. Which is a shame since i wanted to get to know more about some artists.

So for now on since Tumblr and DeviantArt are being fallen off of my map, i'll move to this website, Toyhou.se and FurAffinity. I do also own Discord, but it is for friends only. Sorry about that.

Anyway, that's all i could say. I wanted to get this word out there to vent out my frustrations in my silent mind. Especially after the fact one of my acquaintances had passed away, Rick May's passing (Godspeed you magnificent bastard.), TF2 getting their source code dumped and causing panic over potential safety and the temperatures not wailing to increase it in the place where i'm at. (It's natural in Canada.) April has been one of the worst months i have to deal with this year. Just hope i might have better luck in May. And i hope my mom gets it too.



Posted by Spaniel78CP - January 15th, 2020

ALT Title: The sweets are getting too much for me, that i need to go cold turkey!

You heard me, lads! It is time for me to go cold turkey from eating too many sweets. Mainly on candy when it comes to munching down. Just too much and you'll get sick. Or worse.

Anyway, sorry for the very random post. It's just me being me. Anyway, how's everyone doing?


Posted by Spaniel78CP - December 2nd, 2019

And it's okay for me to stay inside, but not outside! Winter is often my source of annoyance due to the gloomy environment, cold weather and how Canada is on top of USA. Even in the dead of night, colds will often give me the chills, even without my scarf that will put up with the frost incoming quickly if i don't have a scarf blocking my mouth and nose. I do also need to turn the heater off and on to avoid house fires and the fire extinguisher will help it out if this happens.

To top it all off, this month i'm participating a real life Secret Santa at one of my uncle's house. (Yup! 3 biological uncles from my father's side!) So things may get somewhat busy this month. Because you know: Family is in the top list.

Anyway, for this post's question... What color pattern you really like when the tree is all set? Personally, i really love blue, yellow and white. It gives a huge pop-color to contrast red and green altogether.

Posted by Spaniel78CP - November 17th, 2019

That's why i decided to delete the Discord invite link. The lesson here is this: Never try to make a server extremely public. You'll get the receiving end on raids and stuff.

This is just like a déjà vu moment last November where the server in someone else's server got raided by different people. I have to help out the owner of the server into banning the ones that are raiding. One of them stayed in tact and revealed my REAL first name from my DeviantArt account in a silly server. Got so mad at the lad who did this to me.

Now i wanted to keep it simple for now: Friends and mutual friends only for now on. I'm sorry...

Anyway to lighten up after this drama and after my bad day and Youtube/COPPA drama, do you have a favorite musician / band composer? Explanation is optional.

Posted by Spaniel78CP - October 19th, 2019

You know what i hate? Getting headaches and brain freeze as the result of listening to noisy music and eating frozen treats respectively. That's what i got both of these. Brain freeze in the morning from eating an orange flavored snow cone and headache in the night while playing Geometry Dash, which i'm back on it's roots. Same GD username and data, but different icons and approach.

Now i could run my mouth all day for what i'm doing after Apple Fest, but i have to be very careful on what i am saying due to my promises not to anger one of my buddies like last time.

Anyway, i thought of making my own Discord server, but it requires alot of experiences and because i don't understand some topics well nor take distasteful jokes kindly, i have to keep myself away from such meme-ish, unnecessary and outright controversial topics that would otherwise make people very angry. Hell, i've been through alot due to curiosity.

Anyway, for this post's question, if you or your persona have something to cosplay for Halloween, what would it be? For me, since i'm no longer a child, i can't go trick-or-treating nor wear costumes i like. However, i would have 18-Argon (My persona of course) wear a Terminator costume. As shown on my avatar done by LastyGhost.

Feel free to see her works. She specializes in music and art and she is also a fan of Ndemic Inc. (To avoid confusion on Rebel Inc. and Plague Inc. she has to combine it.) and Just Shapes and Beats. She is also getting back into the systems of Geometry Dash with a fresh start.


Posted by Spaniel78CP - September 22nd, 2019

Because we all saw it coming with lots of reds and greys with a hint of yellows and magentas. I do like to say Happy Madness Day, everyone! You all deserve a very well early Halloween spirit!

Now, there's a question of the post: What's your favorite candy?


Posted by Spaniel78CP - September 17th, 2019

Had no idea how to say something related. But that's just me being a random-mooch of myself.

Anyway, had a bit of the distracting month due to me having chats with some people to get in touch in Discord and had been rushing words for this journal. Yeah, it's crazy, but think about it. Ever seen a guy having trouble with something? If they do, then help them if they are a buddy of your's. Sure that is a bit silly to help a stranger, but sometimes it's worth saving one's life.

For this post's question, which one do you prefer? Ice cream or popsicle?

Posted by Spaniel78CP - August 10th, 2019

Well not literally, but it's a random topic. There are some nifty things that have happened over the months since i posted the news post on Newgrounds. But since Twitter started to ghost-ban artists, that's where they move to here or on DeviantArt. Here's a thing though.

People who move to Newgrounds are more than welcome to show off their NSFW content and those who move to DeviantArt have a right to upload SFW images on DeviantArt. I myself have been on DeviantArt for over 8 years now and it's amazing. Though you have to be reminded that i might likely upload more art in here since I've been motivated by deep-search. Artworks that have been in the DeviantArt will only be judged by details and it's cartooniness.

You may also have noticed i removed my Twitter link. That actually means i lost interest on Twitter. Mainly due to disinterest, but also due to the fact it's full of controversy and the news article will have triggering words on others, which gives Twitter a (somewhat) bad name.

And by the way. Here's a question of the post: If you ever wanted to make an evil counterpart of your character, what would you give and why?